Vaccine Video/Story of the Week

Feb. 17, 2019: A video by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the path of a vaccine for children from development through monitoring. It also shows the three phases of clinical trials, vaccine licensing and manufacturing, how a vaccine is added and how vaccine safety is monitored. Follow this link to see the video.

Study Finds Disturbing Trends in Vaccination Exemptions

Summary of Research: A new study shows that numerous states and large metropolitan centers have seen an uptick in the number of nonmedical exemptions (NMEs) from childhood vaccinations granted. The study, published in PLOS Medicine,( found that in the past decade, the number of philosophical exemptions to vaccination has increased in two-thirds of the states that allow such exemptions.

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Measles 101

We’ve had Flu 101 and HPV 101 and it seems we now desperately need Measles 101. Despite the fact that we have one of the safest and most effective vaccination programs in the world, we are beginning to see return of vaccine-preventable disease. And measles is the mother of all vaccine-preventable diseases. And let’s just … Read more

Substantial Proportion of U.S. Measles Cases Intentionally Unvaccinated

Summary of Research: Unvaccinated or undervaccinated individuals comprised substantial proportions of cases in measles and some pertussis outbreaks, an analysis of numerous studies and reports finds. Additionally, vaccine refusal was associated with an elevated risk for measles and pertussis, including among fully vaccinated individuals, researchers report.

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Making Dr. Google Work For You!

Just ask any doctor. You’d be hard pressed to find one who hasn’t had a patient bring in a Google search to discuss their potential diagnoses. Got a rash? Check Google images. Weird dizziness? You might just have vertigo, anemia, pregnancy, a brain tumor, or a bite from a Guatemalan rain spider (okay, I made … Read more

HPV Vaccine 101

I think we can all agree that cancer is bad. If there is any possible way to prevent cancer, we want to do it. Now, thank God and thank science, we have a vaccine that does that! So why is the HPV vaccine so apparently “controversial”? The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) causes tens of thousands of … Read more